International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day 2010! I’ll be doing a longer post on Ada Lovelace Day March 24th (please consider pledging to make a post in your personal blog) but for now, here are some tasty links to bios and articles relating to gender issues, particularly women in the science and technology sector whom I admire.

The link to these links highlights a fresh beta feature of the bookmarking site: Browse these bookmarks, a feature which allows the clicker to sequentially browse bookmarks of a given tag/user in an intuitive manner. I’m a huge user of delicious, with 2492 bookmarks and 2755 tags at presstime. In fact, if I were to pick one Web 2.0 site, it would be this simple straightforward one. I somehow overlooked name dropping in my Productivity Post, so I’ll extol its virtues briefly. I use to organize new lines of research (into an intellectual matter or something as inane as a hotel) and to keep track of anything I find interesting or useful on the web, particularly those things which took more than a few minutes of googling to discover.

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